Shiningyourcareer is a salary and career provider created to help the people to decide what career they should choose. Nowadays majority of the people spend 14 to 20 years of their life in school preparing for a career. ‘Shiningyourcareer’ will offer you a much better understanding of the field you want to pursue not only by showing you what to expect as far as compensation but also a projection of future job demand, popular jobs, advantages and disadvantages of some careers.

We offer salary information for all the states in INDIA, covering over 65 industries and over 8000 job titles. ‘Shiningyourcareer’ provides people with precise, dependable information about the current careers available in INDIA. We are constantly updating our career database with new occupations. We are living in a faster changing society where people are forced to change their careers many times in their life due to globalization of the job market, technology or economic cycles. ‘Shining your career’ is thriving to give individuals the accurate facts and negotiation knowledge they need in order to make intelligent career decisions. 

Once you get job, it might not always be exactly what you wanted. Many times at your workplace different issues can arise like: safety issues, health concerns, workplace violence, overworking, unethical behavior, underpaid issues and many others that sometimes are sensitive matters to be discussed with your employee. ‘Shining your career’ created a secure platform where you can communicate with your employee anonymously.


The Human Touch
Experienced and knowledgeable ‘Shining your career’Information and Referral Counselors, that happen to have a disability, offer live person support to employers, jobs seekers and service providers

  • Alert employers and job seekers to possible matches
  • Provide information about job accommodations, tax credits and disability benefits
  • Help individuals use the website to find jobs and recruit candidates
  • Offer job search advice and consultation via live chat, phone and email
  • Make referrals to local programs that provide job placement and disability recruitment services

The ‘Shining your career’Consortium 
‘Shining your career’ mission is to increase employment of qualified persons with disabilities. Nonprofits, government agencies and businesses join the ‘Shining your career’ Consortium and become sponsors to support this mission and gain access to valuable disability and employment networking opportunities.  


  • Empowers job seekers to leverage your disability status with employers seeking to increase their disability diversity
  • Easy way for businesses to identify qualified applicants with disabilities
  • Demonstrates your business is an equal opportunity employer
  • Demonstrates affirmative action if you are a federal contractor
  • Fast and free job search and disability recruitment advice
  • Free to search resumes, post jobs and list your employment program or disability owned business